Need Assistance in uipath automation

hi team, i need to click on the hyperlink based on the id validation in the same row on web page. can you please assists on this.


i need click on the member coulumn hyper link based on the id (last header).
i are having id to validate.

please find the format
member birthdate status id
xxxxx xxxx xxx xx1
xxxx xxx xx x xxx2

i need to cock on the memeber based on the id.

please help in this

please anyone can help me here…

Hey, it may be possible to use the Anchor Base activity in this situation. For your anchor use the ‘Find Element’ activity and create a dynamic selector looking for your ID value in the ID column. Then use a ‘Click’ activity and set the selector to the hyper link in the member column. Make sure to set the ‘Anchor Position’ property of the Anchor Base activity to ‘AnchorPosition.Right’ as your anchor should always be to the right of the hyper link selector you wish to click on.

You may want to go a step further and add an Element Exists check prior to the anchor base activity to check if the ID exists in the table. If it does not, then handle the process accordingly.

Hi @mallesh.komari89,

You should be able to do this using below:

  1. Please show us the selector for id field from web page. herein you can use aaname, inner-text, tablecol, tablerow attributes in the selector.
  2. Use get attribute activity and get aaname, table row. Now if aaname equals the value you want to check, pass on tablerow fetched using get attribute of id selector into the member field selector as a variable along with other attributes like tablecol etc.