Need Assistance Building REGEX Workflow - I have the initial workflow complete, see below for further information


I am not familiar with regex but have built a preliminary workflow, please see attached (main.xaml). I now need to be able to pull certain amounts of data from the from the parsedStr variable. The current workflow was built with the following logic:

    1. First I read the entire doc into a string variable (strDocument)
    1. Using regex to parse all the unique account numbers
    1. Created two dictionary object
      First dictionary [key: Account Number, Value: Start index of the account number. E.g. Key: 431-0004-8058 , Value: 355|
      Second dictionary [Key: Account number, Value: Start Index of the subsequent account number. E.g. Key: 431-0004-8058 , Value: 2288 (this is the start index of the next account number
    1. Now loop through the first dictionary and for each account number get the substring from strDocument and store into a new variable [I was getting some index out of bounds exception at this point, did not get a chance to complete it
      Use the method strDocument.SubString(StartIndex, Length)
      StartIndex value for First dictionary
      Length from Second dictionary
    1. Once you have the details for each account into a string variable you can again use IndexOf method to locate the exact text e.g. “Transaction fee” and fetch the value next to it|

I’ve also attached the data (Test Data - need to save as a word doc) the UiPath workflow (main.xaml) and an explanation of the required data (Test Data Needed)

Appreciate your help.

Test Data.pdf (106.3 KB)
Main.xaml (19.4 KB)