Need assist to get back remove unused (Uipath)

Hi Guys, I need urgent suggestion. I will get it then it will be very helpful for me.
Unfortunately I clicked “remove unused workflow” . Actually though are removed that’s are needed. Is there any chance to get back workflows though are removed by using this option “remove unused workflow”. Please assist me urgent @Uiparh


Hi @rsr,

I would suggest to check Recycle bin to recover the file.

You should be able to recover this file like any other files on system.


Hi Sonali, Thanks for comment.
I have checked it previous but in client machine didn’t access recycle bin; any others way from studio?


Is the project installed (robot) on production or any other place?

not deployed yet

Hi @rsr,

I might be jumping the gun here, but it think if you have not used any version control and the recycle bin is empty ( some client server delete recycle bin and user settings on restart), I am afraid UiPath might have deleted the files permanently.

My previous tests show that delete activity within studio uses Shift+Delete on files.

In your case, you manually delete unused workflows but UiPath may have used the same code as the Delete File activity, which is shift+delete all unused workflows.

If you don’t see the workflows in recycle bin and have not used a version control tool, you may have lost the workflows forever.

Don’t worry, this is a hard lesson and this time will pass. Please do use some version control tool as soon as possible.

Good luck to you.

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In that case, it might be difficult. Only possible to get it via client.

But if it’s not too hard of a deal, may be go by developing again?

And also as @jeevith recommended, I would also say using version control would really be a saviour to avoid such instances going forward :slight_smile:


Hi Sonali , done by myself. Thank you

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