Need an idea to automate an desktop application for which Scripting is not enabled?

I need to automate ZEN pdf signer for creating digital sign on pdf. But I am not able to extract any selector of it? I have tried running ui path as admin, then I am able to get the selector but that is not working while I run the code. I have even tried taking it as image, with citrix automation. How to handle these type of applications in which scripting is disabled?


This is not working when you run the code because your excecutor is not launched as administrator.
To have the excecutor running as administrator, you need also to have the service host as admin as well.

You can enforce it running as admin using right-click (from the UiPath installation folder) ==> Property ==> Compatibilities ==> Run as administrator.

Do this this task for both service host & excecutor.
Restart computer (or just both of the services from Task manager)

Another alternative which could work is to not launch zen pdf as admin.


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Great… It is working… Thanks a lot…!!

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