Need an example to loop Get Queue items activity after reaching 100 and should check all the items in Queue


Can anyone help me with an example code to loop the get queue items activity.

So that, I can validate all the Queue items in my queue rather than only first 100.



After Paging all retrieved QueueItems are stored on ListQueueItems

Also have a look on the Orchestrator API

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Hi @ppr ,

Thanks for the quick example will check it and update you…

Hi @ppr ,

Can you please tell me like what are you assigning to ListQueueItems and how the queue data is added to it…

Sorry for the reduced screenshot:
ListQueueItems = new List(Of QueueItem) - Init it before usage
ListQueueItems = ListQueueItems.Concat(tmpQueueItems).toList (within correct spell form)

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Hello @ppr ,

Thankyou for the help…It works fine and marked it as solution…

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