Need an automation created to update some items on a website


I am a puppy photographer that helps people sell their puppies online. We have to manually click edit on the puppy listing, then scroll or “search” for the save button at the bottom of the ad and click it. Then move on to the next puppy and do it again. There are 50 puppies on each page, and we usually have 350-550 puppies we do this to. I am currently using programmable gaming keyboards to help speed this up, but would like it to be done without me having to be at the computer. Any ideas?

Hello @Walter_Doty,

Is this task for a public website? if yes, can you provide the URL?
This appear to be a good candidate for RPA, for UiPath platform.

Using Get Text activities and Click activities or even Send Hot Keys activities.


My Classified Ads _ Page 7 _ Lancaster Puppies …
Attached is a screen video of what my programmable keyboards do. This is what it looks like after you are logged in and see the inventory. Do you think you can help?