Need an array of integers

Hi Team,

Need a quick help in building an array in multiples of 10. Go through below ouput to have a better understanding of my requirement

I’m looking forward to the following output.

Input: 38 Output_Array: {10,10,10,8}
Input: 21 Output_Array: {10,10,1}
Input: 17 Output_Array: {10,7}
Input: 5 Output_Array: {5}
Input: 56 Output_Array: {10,10,10,10,10,6}

I’m okay if the code is in or in Activities.

Let me know if i doesn’t make sense in expresssing my requirement.

Appreciate your time in going through it and thank you in advance.

Find a starter Help here
Mahesh_Gunda.xaml (6.2 KB)


This will solve your problem. The workflow accounts for input integer 0 by creating an empty array, and accounts for negative integers by inserting negative integers into the Int32 array. (12,1 Ko)


Thank you.

It works fine as per my requirement.

Thank you anthony

It works fine as per my requirement.

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