Need alternative to get all tenant services

Hi @okuziv,
Could you say something more? I would like to know what you exactly need, the use case etc :slight_smile:

Hello. thank you for reply,
I need some API endpoint to take list of services, tenants etc. from my web application in .net

Here you have all possibilities for API requests:

Hi @okuziv

Could you maybe share your use case? How are you planning to utilize these endpoints?

Were not fixed. Replaced with manual typing list of services from the web application

@loginerror I can come with a usecase!

We are setting up Webhooks for getting changes in various places (all in the UiPath Cloud).
Since they might come from different Orchestrators, and we only get the “TenantId” as identification, we have no real way of identifying where to route request for further inquires on the change/event.

If we could request somewhere with the “TenantId”, we would know where to direct the next requests.
Right now I only see a solution where we hardcode the translation between “TenantId” and Tenant name to use in further API requests.