Need all information while inspect the webpage

Hi All, During inspect the webpage we can see more details, how to get all details in a text file. Using get attributes activity we can able to take few details only. But i need all values while inspect. Please response asap.


Hi @Ganesh_Kumar_Ramacha

Like how u need the data in final in txt file?

Thanks for reply

The text file can be in any format but all information is needed. If it in HTML Structure also fine.

Your selector will get all the required dom/ui element’s properities I guess…!

Hi @Ganesh_Kumar_Ramacha

You can try with get children activity and iterate through it to get the attribute and it’s values which u can append in text file.


After opening the webpage u can save the webpage in HTML format which u can do

I am not much sure of second but u can give a try on it

Hope it helps you


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Hi @Ganesh_Kumar_Ramacha

To extract data from inspect element you can use selenium, where it has firefox webdriver, chromedriver, PhantomJS and i hope this will resolve your issue. Please check whether Selenium Web driver could also be implemented by UiPath.
I am sure there will be a way !! I ll to analyze it and ll let you know !!

Thanks !!