Need advice on choosing AI Bot or AI Bot Pro

I understnad that the differnce between AI bot and AI bot pro is the GPU. My questions are:

  1. is there any guidelines on when to choose AI bot pro vs. regular AI bot? Understnad it depends on the code being ran in the ML model- But any guidelines, like look at the response time? Usually traning may be the time that needs compuation power which may make GPU more needed. But if we do all the training outside the AI center, does that mean we may not need to use GPU?

  2. If we choose AI bot now. How hard will it be to change to AI Bot pro in the future if we decide there is a need?

Thank you!


  1. Indeed this depends a lot of the model even for training. Most of the algorithms used today (or at least as part of the OOB models that are retrainable) will train faster on GPU and if you have a big dataset you should definitely consider it. Assuming you want to work on your own models and training is happening outside AI Center, it agains depends of the model and expected time to answer. The datascientist who build the models should be able to help on this. If we again take OOB models as example all DU models/text classification will work perfectly fine on CPU but some more complex models like OCR or CV model will need a GPU even for serving to improve their speed.

  2. this is something you should ask your account manager about but it shouldn’t be that hard. I assume you are on the Cloud right?


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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your reply. You are correct, currently our data scientists are training some of the models on our Amazon private clound using GPU. Most of the models they don’t use GPU for training today. We are planning to use AI center after the model has been trained/evaluated and is production ready to be consumed by bots. We are trying out our first model, which is not complicate at all (based off of a public text extraction model). I don’t think in the begining GPU is needed, at least not for this first one. But we’d like to know if we start off with regualr AI bot, can we easliy switch to AI Bot pro… And, our UiPath plat form are also on our private cloud.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Charlotte
Oh so you are not on SaaS offering (UiPath Cloud), then there is no specific license for AI Robot Pro but you need your machine to have a GPU. So the main limitation is if you can add a GPU to the machine or not (or completely change machine config without losing what is on the machine itself). Do you have an easy way to check that with AWS?


I think we do have GPU based on the fact that some data scientist are using GPU to train their models… So are you saying AI Bot pro is only required if we use UiPath Cloud (meaning using your GPU), correct? Thanks again!