Need Admin Approval Popup When Using Microsoft Teams Scope Activity

How to handle when there is a need for Admin Approval popup when using Microsoft Teams Scope Activity?

Issue Description: Need Admin Approval popup as shown below when using Microsoft Teams Scope Activity

Resolution :

UiPathStuioO365App application requires one or more permissions which only Global Admin can consent for. There are some permissions for which standard users can provide consent.

If the application needs high-level permission, the easiest way to allow the service account to connect is to enable user access to Enterprise apps. From the Admin portal, go to Admin Centers > Azure AD > Users and Groups > User Settings then make sure "Users can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf" is enabled.

  • If this option is set to yes, then non-admin users may register custom-developed applications for use within this directory.
  • If this option is set to no, then only users with an administrator role may register these types of applications.


Note: The above screenshot may vary depending upon the version being used.