Need account on Orchestrator

Hi, I am installing an orchestrator, I want to know do we need to create an account. Means using email id and password?? @Palaniyappan @Pablito
Please guide me to install the Non-Production Orchestrator and Robot?

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Yes, once after mentioning the url we will be getting the login page where we can that details

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Hi, Palani, I am installing the Robot. But I want to install the Studio also, Bcz I am developing and testing on the same server, So I have a license for Robot, If I select both to install will it allow me to install.

And one more what I have to Select in Installation Type.
what is this Service Mode & User Mode?

And two check boxes ?? Please help.

Later I will install the Orchestrator
@Palaniyappan @lakshman @Pablito

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UiPath Robot - Installs the Robot on the local hard drive with the chosen options:

  • Register as Windows Service - Specifies how to install the Robot. If enabled, it is installed as a Windows service - the default option. If disabled, the Robot is installed in user mode.

Reference - Install Studio

Karthik Byggari


Usually we will be having two options
Either to install only robot
To install both studio and robot
Here as per your need we can click on the option with both

And the steps

Cheers @balkishan