Need a to select a variable in uiexplorer

Hello team,

I have issue with a selector. I need to select the variable in Ui explorer but did not understand where it will add.
I have a value in variable which need to select in browser. see snip for your reference.


you mean you want to be able to select any of the values?

yes…i have a variable which contain all value EX:- ‘250 GB’ ‘500 GB’ ‘1 TB’ ‘2TB’ ‘5TB’… also you check this link for clearance.

use this xaml,
Mainimg (2).xaml (17.6 KB)
here set the text you want to click and it will click the correct button

i use this for the click selector
this will have duplicate result so i use anchor element with hddSize variable
this will let it click the radio button reliably

the simplest approach would be to use idx as we cannot reliable anchor it

For 250 gb

<html app='firefox.exe' title='Server Setup' />
<webctrl tag='INPUT' name='hddApp' idx='1' />

For 500gb

<html app='firefox.exe' title='Server Setup' />
<webctrl tag='INPUT' name='hddApp' idx='2' />

However we would prefer some more reliabilty which we can get with e.g. find children approaches

Another technique is to click on the labels with a dynamic selector:

and configure click position and offset to click the checkbox

Check the aaname box so it adds it to the selector. Then highlight the value “250 GB” and right click. It’ll give you the option to select a variable.

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