Need a solution to retrieve the previously transacted item from the Orchestrator Queue

Hi everyone,

I’m building an automation through ReFramework but I need to compare the current transaction Item against the previous transaction item to decide how to proceed with the process.

Transaction items looks like this:

Invoice Line Item Sub Line Item
Alpha 1 A1a
Alpha 1 A1b
Alpha 2 A2a
Beta 1 B1b
Beta 2 B2b

I Used bulk add activity to add queue items onto orchestrator. The method that I used and failed with is to set up two sets of variable:
NewInvoice, NewLineItem, NewSubLineItem and ProcessedInvoice, ProcessedLineItem, ProcessedSubLineIte

At the beginning of the process state, the “New” variables would be assigned with the current transactionItem specific content.

Then at the end of the process state, assign the current transactionItem specific content to the “Processed” variables.

The idea is to compare is to compare the processed variables vs the new variables each transaction. However, I found that the “processed” variables doesn’t hold the value and becomes default after each transaction.

I’ve also tried to add the “Processed” variables onto a data table and it still doesn’t hold the variables after each transaction.

I have two options in mind to solve this. One is to move the assign activity for processed variables to “SetTransactionStatus”, seeing if the variables would hold its assign value for the “Process” State to use before its reset to default once it goes to “SetTransaction”.

Second option is to create a separate queue on orchestrator to upload the processed transaction and use that to compare with the queue where I get the “new” transaction variables from.

Third is maybe an external excel sheet? However, trying to use minimal application if possible.

Please let me know if anyone has had an experience with a process like this and thanks!

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Hello @Bennyhana ,

Can you add the processed items to an Excel and use it? After each successful processing add the data to an excel. Else you can create a another queue for doing that.

Hey @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

Thank you for the help. I tried the option of moving the assign variables in the set transaction process and it worked to hold the variable values I needed.

I also tried the excel method and it works as well. I opted for moving the variables instead as it keeps the automation compact.

Thank you!

Glad to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Bennyhana

Just keep the processed variables into the global scope as General Business which should help


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