Need a solution - securePassword is not taking Null values

Type Secure Text ‘INPUT password’

Message: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: securePassword

Hi @afsal_m_a check the value in the securePassword variable before your typing


It does have a value here but in orchestartor each time i open the same , the field shows nothing .Which value are you referring to ?

@afsal_m_a, you’re right. When we saw in Orchestrator the Password won’t be show itself. It was designed for it’s security purposes. But we can retrieve the Password from Orchestrator. It will still exists in Orchestrator. Make sure you have two password variable in you work flow.

You can check the password with Log Messages actually. Or get it’s leanth. If it is not equal to 0 then it mean your password is retrieved from Orchestrator successfully.

Michael Udhaya

In log message activity try to print the password variable if value is exist you are successfully and in orchestrator you won’t able to see the secure passwords.

thank you

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