Need a solution name

An excel containing Identification number (ID NUM) column and value. It has multiple rows for ID 001, ID 002, ID 003, … ID 16. E.g, if the sheet contains 1000 rows, there will be 500 num of ID 001 and some 250 records of ID 002 and some 700 records of ID 005 etc… ( its not so mandatory that all 16 ID NUM should be present). I can upload all those 1000 rows in to one queue say “ID Num Queue”

Issue here is, one bot can perform only one ID NUM record. E.g if BOT 01 is performing one record of ID 001 record, the BOT 02 should not perform another record of ID 001. similarly the same for other ID NUM as well. Ideally, the queue has mixed records of ID 001 … ID 016. and how can i process all 1000 records in parallel with some 5 bots. please help me in designing this approach.

Hi @hendersontillman - All those ID 001 should run in BOT 01 alone? Similarly ID 002 should run in BOT 02 alone? Like this so on with only 5 BOTs?

The BOT 01 can run ID 006 also once after ID 001 all the records completed?