Need a hand to complete first automation exercice

I’m in lesson 2 Build your first automation. I’m having difficulties to end this first exercice. How can I get help?


can you provide more information about your problems, what do you need?


Hello @Soumahila_Kone

It would be better if you can describe what are you trying to do and the errors you are facing with a screenshot.

Hope you have gone through the academy tutorials.

Thanks for your assistance.
1- I finished the video that I’m trying to view again in vain. I’m not able to link the field from my Excel file to this 1.1.1 Typeinto (select value field).

2- I do have also some technical issue to run back the video in this course.

I hope you are trying to read the excel and getting some value from there and need to put that value to Type into. Is that correct?

that is correct

You can do as below


I was able to reach the file but my understanding still bad and I am stuck.
How can I get back the full video on “Build your first automation”?
or a live with someone via any media will be helpful.

missing this will impact the next while I really want to be graduated in Uipath.


You will have to reach out to academy support team for any help in academy portal

Thanks for your hands, really appreciated. I will

No worries…All the best… :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you can close the thread by marking it as solution.