Navigation through a table and filling data

I have a case for which any help is much appreciated.

I have a table in excel sheet and in web page…I used for each row to read all data in excel then I have to query in table in web page and do search for that row …means need to fill data column by column and perform some actions…

Main.xaml (28.9 KB)

Should I use data scraping to doing this or find children…"" I tried to use all of them but isnt working…
appreciate your help…

Data scrapping is only to read the data from the table, you cannot edit the table. So you have to use find children.

thanks @skini76 can you please help me how to select my table using selectors and what selectors should i give in the filter property?

for selection of table,of each row…selectors are automatically changes of each row…can u give screenshot of selector by selecting one row?

Hi , sure but u mean selectors for Find children ??

no…go for get text selector…

Main.xaml (28.9 KB)

Only I did for each for table in excel sheet