Navigation problem with dispatcher

Hi All,

I’ve posted several times regarding the navigation issue in dispatcher of Generate yearly report assignment of level 3 however I’m still stuck in this project. Could you guys help me to sort it out?

Please post the links @Shah

or post the issue :slight_smile:

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Hi @HareeshMR

Robot is not navigating to all the pages of the acme site, stays on page 1 and the execution ends. Please help me out to sort this out?

Here is the link:

As the same question by others in the topic, if you scrape the data in the first post, it will ask you whether you need to scrape the data in next pages or not,

you need to select yes there and you need to indicate the page number in the acme site to scrape the data in all the pages. Have you did that @Shah?

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@HareeshMR I’ve already done that Hareesh. Could you please help here. I could share you zip file of the project…

Yeah, please share @Shah

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Please do the needful. Would be grateful to you…

Dude, you don’t need to navigate to every URL you have in the acme site and then scrape the data, in the single Data scraping, you can scrape multiple pages data at once by selecting the YES button when it prompts for Do you want to scrape data in multiple pages? and then indicating the page 2 in the bottom of the page. @Shah

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Let me retry with the above method.

If you see my extract data table activity, I have next link selector which will select my next page automatically after scraping the data in that page @Shah

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Below are the steps I followed however issue persists…

@HareeshMR I followed the above mentioned steps but still issue.

What is the issue @Shah? Have you checked the data table count after extracting the values? Don’t you see if the page is navigating to another file?

Yeah. It’s not navigating to next pages. @HareeshMR

Share your workflow which has that particular activity of scraping data @Shah

Process-1.xaml (15.2 KB)

@HareeshMR it has data scraping activity.

Process-1.xaml (12.5 KB)

Try this

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I’ll try & let you know. Thanks. @HareeshMR

Still unable to scrape data from all the pages… @HareeshMR Not navigating to next pages.