Navigation of workflow for extraction of data based on the document type


In a web portal whenever we click on the documents, it will fetch a document where we need to extract the required data. But the document is different for different candidates in a list however the required data is same in all documents but the location is different (i.e. may be in multiple pages).

How can we automate this. please help me.


Can you help me how to do keyword based search from multiple pages in a document? which activities should I use to achieve this?


Determine the document type, and store the document type in a string variable. Then use a Switch and in each Case code the steps for each document type.

can you please mention the activities from studio


The only relevant specific activity is the Switch activity. As for determining the document type, you have to figure that out based on your own logic.

Hi @raju_alakuntla ,

We would need to understand some more parts of the Problem Statement :

  1. Do you know the different document types ? Are there more that 5 document types?
  2. Is the Document digital or scanned or both ?
  3. Do we see any patterns for the data that is to be extracted across multiple document types ?

Based on the above responses we could understand what type of methods need to be used for your case.

Hi @supermanPunch ,

  1. I know the document types, they are PDFs only And there are more than 5 different documents.
  2. They are digital documents and scanned as well.
  3. We have anchor text for the data which needs to be extracted.

We are extracting Account Holder Name, Account Number and IFSC from the bank statements or cancelled cheque leaf mostly. The statements are digital document type only but cheque leaf is a scanned one.


@raju_alakuntla ,

The Document types vary + Scanned documents may also be present, which would bring us to the conclusion of using Intelligent Document processing methods Like Document Understanding.

We do already have some out of the box UiPath DU packages for Bank Statements and Cheques, Could you check on these Packages and let us know if it is able to extract the required details.

Also, Initially a Classifier would be required to Classify the document types. So the intelligent Keyword Classifier could be used.