Navigation isssue in Dispatcher


Then put the process in the debug mode and check which activity failed.
Possible share the error/exception screenshot.

@sarathi125 Below is the SS.

I’m stuck here since long. Please guide me till the resolution…

Hi @Shah
Check the datatable whether values are therer or not
showing the datatable as empty

Ashwin S

Your transaction item and dt_Workitems are null, I think you are trying to use those.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object will cause when we are referring to some value which is not present at the moment.

Also always use Convert.ToString(“object”) instead of using yourObject.ToString.

The Convert.ToString will handle null exceptions.

Here is the datatable:

Do I need to make any sort of changes?

Hi @Shah
that is ok but i could see that dt_work items hopes to be empty

Check it

Ashwin S

Output of extract data table is ExtractDataTable
Input of For Each row is dt_WorkItems and output is blank.
Any issue with above settings?

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may i know what sequence of activities were used to get to next page
like were we using click activity on the arrow > next page or with the selector
Cheers @Shah

Using dynamic selector:

is the in_transactionitem is getting incremented’
kindly check that once pls

Cheers @Shah

It’s stuck at Transaction 1 itself and robot is toggling between page 1 and 2.

Thats fine buddy
we need to check whether that argument is getting incremented or not
only then the selector will go for the next page while iterating

How do we check that?

Kindly check whether there is a assign activity at the end of the sequence where we have this navigation process
And that assign activity should be like
In_transactionItem = In_rrabsactionItem+1
Cheers @Shah

I’ve it under Get Transaction Data

TransactionNumber = TransactionNumber+1

is this TransactionNumber variable passed as a value to the argument inTransactionNumber which is used inside the invoked workflow
kindly check once with the arguments passed to that workflow

Cheers @Shah

@Palaniyappan when I open the workflow and check, it shows in_TransactionNumber argument value is empty. However arguments in invoke workflow list shows in_TransactionNumber is assigned with the value TransactionNumber


Hi @Palaniyappan , Could you please guide here?

Hi @Shah
Check this

@shwin S

@AshwinS2, it’s same as above. Still facing the issue. Could you please help me out?