Navigation error in calculate-client-security-hash project b/w "" and ""

Part-1 Calculate Client Security Hash (3.8 MB)

Part-2 Calculate Client Security Hash (2.6 MB)

Part-3 Calculate Client Security Hash (2.8 MB)

Part-4 Calculate Client Security Hash (1.8 MB)


Part-5 Calculate Client Security Hash (1.2 MB)

Please have a look on the execution of calculate client security hash project, i’m getting the error in “update-work items” xaml due to pre-condition of this xaml is work-items should be populate.

i was just started of learning Uipath recently.

Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance.

Please help me guy’s.

@Mahammad_Gouse, take screenshot of your workflow, showing the error message

Hi @Senzod,

Thank you for your response.

Here it’s showing error message as “selector not found” but here selector is not issue the “Update
-WorkItems” Xaml should be the issue i mean the pre-condition to this xaml is “workItems” page should be opened means specific workitem WI5 should be opened before executing the “workItems” Xaml.

For your better understanding of workflow execution i’m attaching the project. if possible please check it.

Mahammad GouseProject - (524.2 KB)

@Mahammad_Gouse, hey man, do you still need help with this?

hi @SenzoD

Thanks for the responses now issue has been resolved.

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Hi Mahammad_Gouse
Im facing the same issue . Im not able to navigate to the work item details page saying “Page not found”
Can you help me with the error

Hi @parvathi_ayanala
have u found the solution of this error?
I also have the same issue