Navigating Links in UiPath Forms

Hi guys,

I am able to open a web page upon clicking a link in Uipath Forms as you can see

How ever is there a way for the user to back to the Form from the web link that was just opened?


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If you running a bot workflow at the back end on clicking that link in uipath forms then you can use OPEN BROWSER activity in that workflow where you got an option to open a hidden browser by enabling HIDDEN property

This will let you open browser in background

But if you are using a url directly in uipath forms instead of a bot workflow then I believe there is no option to get back to forms without doing it explicitly

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@Palaniyappan mentioned the correct approach

Just the pre-requisite is, you’re using the form component to open the link, that will open in the form itself. As of now I don’t see a way to get back to the form but, may be, there will be a way, will need to research.

The current feasible solution is to use something call Real Time sync. below is the tutorial for the same. In this way the form will remain open but on button click it’ll open the browser in the browser


Thanks for the reply guys!

In my case I needed for the user to be able to see the website so I went with @rahulsharma 's suggestion and with some tinkering, it worked well!

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