Navigating Folder Structure in RDP w/ multiple Up or Down Hot Keys

Is there a way to send multiple hot key strokes in order to navigate a folder structure?

I’m having serious issues using Image recognition and or OCR text recognition when trying to identifying folders to click. But if know the exact number of steps the robot has to navigate down from the parent folder, I could send it multiple “down” Hotkeys.

I’m doing that with While loops right now, but is there a way it could be done using something like the “Type Into” where as string of hotkeys could be appended and then sent to the window?


Hi @AndyMenon,
I think the way how you are doing it now is the most convenient way. Sent hotkey activity is the proper one as it’s sending the keys exactly the same way as physical keyboard.

Anyway have you considered to install runtime on remote machine and working with normal selectors with use of RDP extension?

Hi @Pablito,

We’re yet to get into that phase. Security at our company is extremely rigid and we have to go through our CSO team to get formal approval (long story! :roll_eyes:) . We are still in the evaluation phase. But this information on requiring to install the runtime on the remote machine is good point to add as part of my initial feedback to the team.

We’re trying to solution without having to rely too much on “Click Text” or OCR Text or Image recognition and I will continue to use the while loops to send Hot keys for now.

Hopefully, you will have a “Multiple Hotkey Activity” feature added to UiPath sometime in the future which roughly may look like so:




What about Retry Scope activity? I just realized that this might be for you :slight_smile:

I will give that a shot! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Have you also tried the use cases of Computer Vision? That might help you as well…

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,
I haven’t reached that far yet as I’m into UiPath for the last 3 weeks or so.
I’m sure once I get past the foundational developer training, I can get to the more advanced stuff.

Thanks for the pointer.


Alright… No worries… Just let us know if you need any help… we are always here :slight_smile:

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To close out the thought on this, I’m now familiar with CV.
I may be able to use it personally. But I’m a bit wary about the questions that will come up knowing that the screen shots maybe uploaded to the UiPath CV server . Now,I’m not clear if it happens when the application runs under normal circumstances or only when we hit the Report button.