Navigating around a website with links by dynamically selecting them


I have a complex website that stores exchange rates as a time series. My aim is to be able to select a particular date (year/month/day) that is supplied dynamically or though an Excel file. Then only the exchange rate for say USD or EURO is to be extracted. However, after I record the macro and try to execute it usually gets stuck somewhere. What might I be doing wrong?

Here is the URL of the website:

and here is the .xaml file.

The .xaml file attaches to an Internet Explorer browser instance on TCMB and tries to navigate to the exchange rates on 04 May 2016. However, it gets stuck on the first step; in the Turkish version of the website it usually gets stuck on the month selection step. Furthermore, is it possible to spy a single element from a website instead of the whole table (in this case the exchange rate table)?