Navigate to WI_details section in Asignment 1

Hello Everybody ,

I am in the section Navigate to WI_Details in Assignment 1 for Advanced RPA developer training module .

I am in the below section
Create a blank sequence in the System1 folder, to navigate to the かっこWork Item Details page. Name it System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails. We can use the Work Item ID to navigate directly to the Item Details page. Open a work item and notice the format of the URL - it is composed of the System1 URL, the “/work-item/” string, and the Work Item ID.
o Work Item ID and System1 URL constitute the required input. Create two in arguments - one of the Int32 type, and the other, of the String type.
o Attach to System1 Dashboard and then use a Navigate To activity to go the Work Item Details page.

I have done the above part ,

I put in_system1url+“work-items/”+ in_WIID in the navigate to activity , but i am getting an error saying - Option strict on disallows implicit conversions from String to Double

in_systemurl - in argument of type string
in_WIID - in argument of type int32

Could any one of you guyz help me out here .

Thanks in advance

try keeping the value of in_WIID as string not int

If i keep it as string , it works. But in document it is mentioned that it is int32 . So i am a little confused .


Try like below

in_system1url+“work-items/”+ in_WIID.ToString

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Thank you . That worked :slight_smile:

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