Navigate to... using "Read CSV" to update URL

Hey All
I’m fairly new to Uipath and cant find out how to get it to update url with information from CSV file

I’m using Read CSV activity in my flowchart
and in the sequence I have “For Each Row” and “Navigate to”

The column in CSV = DebtorID and this is the information that I need to update the URL with each time it repeats.

In my Navigate to activity I have

Variable = DebtorId

in a macro I use

URL GOTO=https://…id={{!COL2}}



I may be wrong, but it seems like you didn’t escape the variable properly from your URL Propriety.

Instead of “https://…id=+DebtorID+” you should put “https://…id="+DebtorID

You need to escape the variable from the string.

Example : “Hello “+name+” how are you?” Output : “Hello Cosmin how are you ?”

And not “Hello +name+ how are you?” Output : “Hello +name+ how are you?”

Please tell me if this was your problem :slight_smile:

King regards,


Thanks I tried updating and still just adds …+debtorID into URL


Perfect , you’re almost there now the problem is you’re adding DebtorID which you’ve assigned to the value of “DebtorID”. So your output is normal.

Try replacing the DebtorID variable in the Navigate To with the value in your row.

Your Navigate To activity should look like “https://…”+row(“Debtor ID”).toString

I put “Debtor ID” but you should put the column name of your Debtor ID from your CSV.

Or you can use the index of the row (example if Debtor ID in your CSV is the first row then it would look like row(0).toString )

I am fairly new to answering on this forum so please tell me if I am unclear :slight_smile:


Thank you so much… that worked.!!


Glad to help

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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