Navigate to issue


Hi all,

I’m struggling to get the navigate to on a website from an Excel Document. I am looking to cycle to each page from the Excel doc “tester.xlsx” within rows “B2:b97” which ive defined as datURL (these are the full URL of each page). Could someone please let me know what I’m doing wrong?

Many thanks


Hi Mike,

If the datURL is the datatable read by the ReadRange visible there, it should be before the foreach loop.
Second thing is you’re trying to do a ToString on the DataTable, which doesn’t provide anything useful.

So the whole process would go in order:

  1. Excel Application scope -> ReadRange (produces datURL DataTable)
  2. End of ExcelApplicationScope
  3. For each row in datURL -> AttachBrowser -> NavigateTo(row(0).ToString)
    (assuming URL is in first column)



Thanks Andrzej,

Ill try this out and let you know. Really appreciate your help.