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Hi all,

I am trying to navigate to pages of different items in the data table. However, I found that the robot can only navigate to the page of the first item in the data table. But if I used a message box to see if all the rows can be retrieved, all the row values can be shown.

I am wondering if there is anything missing in my procedures.



In Navigate To activity why are passing rowdata1 when your item is “row”

HI @katylsy

You actually don’t need to use Get Row Item in the for each row activity. In the For Each Row ativity, the variable Row holds the current value which you need to pass for the url.

In you Navigate To try this:


This should work without any problem.



When I removed the get row item and used In_System1URL+“Work-items/”+row.ToString, I got this instead of the row value. Anything missing?


Here is the procedure


@katylsy it’s returning row ,so you need to mention the column index from which you are reading the data.
Syntax: row.item(YourColumnIndex).tostring

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Try to use
In_System1URL+“Work-items/”+row(column indexnn no).ToString


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