Navigate to doesn't work when change attach brower selector to dymanic

Hi all,

I met a strange thing here. I test navigate to activity in a sequence, it works fine no matter the selector is change to dynamic or not;

But if I change the Dashboard in selector to * in Reframework, it stops; but I keep the selector as screenshoot, it works fine.

debug didn’t give any hit, but the website doesn’t go to the desired page .

Hi , I can see that you are using invoke workflow , where you are signing in into ACME , is the sign in went successful during the code run ?

try with selector title = ACME*

yeah, there is no problem with login.

Yah Navigate to activity is like you are moving to a specific url and it must be specific
And moreover in REFramework the url in Navigate to wont change so we can keep the exact url without wildcards

Cheers @Wendy_01

thanks @Palaniyappan
I didn’t change the URL ,but part of selector of attache browser.

Did mentioning full path worked
I hope it would
Cheers @Wendy_01

it works fine both full path or with dynamic when it is run in a simple sequence,(pic 1)
but it only works well when I give the full path in attach browser in Reframewiok.(pic 2)