"Navigate to" activity not working

Hi there,

Not sure if it’s a bug.

The same bot that I’ve been running and NAVIGATE TO was working perfectly, but now it navigates to the default(Home) page instead of going to the specified url.

Any idea please !

@mntumba, are you able to screenshot your workflow? :smiley:

@wilson.yan please see the below!

Hi @mntumba

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Could you maybe share sample project that reproduces the issue for you?
You could create a new project, add 1 Open Browser activity and 1 Navigate To activity and zip and share the project’s folder :slight_smile:


in your navigate to just type

Change from


it works for me

go to attach browser and se if the tittle its the same somthing change there and put same delay before the attach browser this will prevent issues when internet its slower delay like 00:00:03