Navigate To Activity giving error

I’m working on UiPath Asdsignment no. 2 Generate Yearly Report And while navigating to work item details I’m using navigate to activity.
This is what I’m writing in this activity
And when I run it I get the following error:
Annotation 2019-12-27 135459

I can’t figure out what the problem is. Can someone please help me out with this. I really appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

Hi @Maryum

Check this

Ashwin S

Use a writeline activity, in the text property give whatever you have on the NavigateTo URL. So that you can validate it.

Show me your System1_URL value and
Whether you are using navigate activity inside the attach browser??
If not use inside the attach browser and check.

Check whether you have correct format in the navigate,
System1_URL = “”.
In the navigate it should be as below,

@Manish540 This is my System_1 URL value “
And this is my navigate to activity

@Manish540 I’m using it inside attach browser activity

So before the navigate activity put a message box and check whether you are getting proper value or not, put this in the msg box " WorkItem_ID.tostring.trim "
And at the end of navigate activity use,
Tell me whether you are getting proper WIID or not in the message box??..


Please check the following:

  1. System1_URL is of type String
  2. The Value of WorkItem_ID

If both are set up cprrectly kindly post screenshots of references to System1_URL and

I’m getting an error when i navigate to work items.

and the output of the write line activity is 0 for workitem_ID i have used.
Is 0 a valid one or not help me with this

I think you are missing a / before work-items/

System1_URL+“/work-items/”+ WorkItem_ID.ToString