Napplication CardのURLについて

Napplication Cardアクティビティでブラウザを操作するとURLが自動記録されますが、私の会社では、**このURLは削除するルールとなっています。**その理由は、ループ処理の中に、ブラウザ操作アクティビティを入れると、URLの一部が微妙に変化して、ワークフローが止まる可能性があるからだそうです。


Ideally everywhere we do change it or variablize it as the prod and dev urls might be different as well.

It is a common practice to use config or assets to store them and use them

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Hi @Anil_G, Thank you for your commens. However, I do not think your comment is the proper answer to my question…


If you can explain in english may be i can help better…as per the translation i answered it…

Please keep this open or if you need more details add them may be i can understand and update you


OK, Read this,

As you might be aware, URL information is automatically recorded when you place Napplication Card activity in designers panel.
My company’s developers guideline advises us to remove this URL.
I think this guideline gets to the point because URL is likely to vary especially inside repetition activity and this causes hault while running work flow.
Are there any other companies who own similar guideline?


So a quick question here…if you remove the url then how does the browser know where to go?

Are you using start process or anything else to open the browser?


In my work, browser had been opened manually before starting work flow. Thus, browser do not have to know where to go and URL information is useless as well. This well explains URL should be removed to keep or enhance stability of work flow.


I guess there is your answer…when you have that scenario then we have to remove else use application will open the browser again assuming the required window is not present


It seems you recommend me to remove else use application, but I have no trouble with else use application currently.

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Napplication Cardアクティビティでブラウザを操作するとURLが自動記録されますが、私の会社では、このURLは削除するルールとなっています。その理由は下記の2点です。

1.社内でブラウザはワークフロー実行前に手起動するルールがあるため。URL情報はそもそも不必要。 Napplication CardのInput modeもオープン動作、クローズ動作ともにNeverを設定。



ただしこのプロパティに入力された値が、自動的に 統合アプリケーション ターゲット-セレクタープロパティにurl属性として反映されますので、こちらについてもあわせてケアしておくことが肝要です。