Naming Convention For Package And Project Names

What are the naming conventions for project and package names ?

Before 2020.4, white spaces are not allowed when creating a project in Studio.
Example - Below “Project Name” was not allowed


Before publishing the project from Studio, the "Package name" can be changed from project.json as below:

However, the published package will have an underscore appended to "Package Name" in Orchestrator

This is because white spaces are not allowed in any naming conventions.

With 2020.4, white spaces are allowed with "Project name"

and the deployed project in Orchestrator contains a dot/period joining the "Package Name"

This means, process/ package deployed to Orchestrator from Studio version before 2020.4 has an underscore and Studio 20204 has a dot/ period. This leads to the creation of a new package in Orchestrator (instead of an update) as the names are different.

To avoid this, Studio 2020.4 provides us with the ability to change package name before publishing the project to Orchestrator.

These are the points to be aware of while using this approach,
  1. Every time a project is published, the developer has to change the name of package and check previous version of already published package.
  2. The naming convention that has been followed all these days has to be changed .