Named User License - How many PC can be activated?

I have a UiPath - Automation Developer - Named User license key and 3 different PCs. All of them using the same Windows username.

According to this documentation page: User licensing, “For each Named User license, the user is entitled to using the licensed products from up to three devices (for example, their laptop, desktop, and mobile), as long as they use their licensed user account.”

Can I activate Studio on all the 3 PCs I have with the same license key? If so, can I run Studio on the 3 PCs at this same time?

Hi @chwong96,

The short answer is no. If you have 1 Named User- Automation Developer license this means that you have access to one active license.

Yes you can add 2 other machines in your machine template, but out of the three machines you plan to use, you can only actively use Studio on 1 of them.

This is where Machine Templates come in handy. You can install studio on all by allocated licenses one at a time. Then you can use any one of the three at a time and exit the assistant in the other two. This tells the orchestrator that the other two instances of your Studio/Assistant are inactive. The Machine Template will ensure that 1 license is allocated to the active Studio automatically.

We use 1 Machine template having 2 machines within it. Then we use 1 Named User license to float between the 2 machines by using the machine template. This works great for our usecase, where we have Studio installed both in a dev environment (a VDI) and the developers PC. All the developer has to ensure is that the Studio/assistant is closed at least in one of them.

If we had two licenses then we could use both machines simultaneously.

HI @jeevith ,

Thanks for your explanation.
The license I have is an On-premises one and without orchestrator. I am afraid the machine templates you mentioned may not be relevant.

I tried activating 2 PCs with the same license key. They were successfully activated, and I can use Studio and Assistant on both of them at the same time.

Just want to confirm what was claimed on the Documentation is true or not and make user I am not violating any T&C or license agreement.