Named user licence key - how to give licence key without going through trail

Installer(.exe or .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code):

Studio/Robot version:

Current behavior:


Can anyone guide me, I have named user licence key… so how to give that licence key without going through trail… because when I go to enterprise edition, I can see only trail…
Pls help

Hi @nanrajj

If you bought your license, you should simply activate your Studio with this license code. I am not sure I understand the issue. Could you clarify it a bit?

My question is: ( for named user licence) : Do I have to go to uipath website, then enter enterprise edition then trail then have to enter licence key

In my client side, I have to install uipath Named user licence, pls tell me how to begin with… do I need to go to uipath website then enterprise edition then trail then enter licence key…
Or any other way
Pls explain… iam confused

Och, I think your question is about the installer, correct? You do have the code, but you do not have the installer to install the software.

I suppose you should have received the download link from one of the representative through which you’ve acquired the license key. You can also contact our support and request the link there :slight_smile:

But indeed, if you go the our website and request the trial, you will get the same installer that can be activated with your license :slight_smile: Might be faster than the support way.

Thanks for the reply.
I need to install named user paid licence in virtual environment
How to start with:
I need to get from them : username and password
Then how I will access the download link which I received from sales team in virtual environment…
Pls help on it