Named User Attended Robots for Same User

Firstly, I understand the idea of having a named user license for the attended Robot.
User (with an AD account) can only connect 1 machine at a time, even though the AD account is present on multiple machines.

My question is:
Can there be 2 named user attended robot licenses tied to the same AD account? And will they be able to run at the same time on different machines (and the same AD)?

Hi @Nisa

See here:


Hey @loginerror, thanks for responding.

Yea I’ve read that, but what I’m asking is - what if a user with an Active Directory username has 2 Named User licenses tied to his/her account. Does it mean that the robots are still not able to be used simultaneously? Or, is the situation even unlikely, because an Active Directory username is not allowed to have 2 robots tied to the same account to begin with?

Hope that I’m able to explain myself clearly.

Hi @Nisa

It is indeed not possible to have more than 1 named license attached to an AD user. The idea behind the Named User robot license is that you can run your Robot on any machine you want, as long as you log-in with your AD user credentials.

Hey @loginerror thanks for the reply, and understood on the concept. Thanks for clarifying! (:

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