Name needs to be selected dynamically


I am working on SMP ticket creation automation and need help to select “Problem Coordinator” name dynamically. I tried to edit selector to make it dynamic but didn’t get success to achieve desired result. Please help me to know how can i select name from “Problem Coordinator” section dynamically by passing variable either from any input sheet or directly from variable section.

Please find below selector that i have edited and attached dropdown image from which i have to select name dynamically.

Tool’s generated Fuzzy Selector:


Edited Fuzzy Selector:

Note: Where ‘CoordinatorName’ is the variable from which i am passing name value which have to be select.

Tool’s generated Selector:

Edited selector:



Hi @shekharhimanshu627

Can You Show us the selector from UiExplorer?



Please find the attached selector from UIExplorer.

Hi @shekharhimanshu627 ,

Use Type into activity for Problem Coordinator and pass the coordinator name. When you type the name the dropdown should list name in the first option. Then use Hot Key to click the first option.

Hi @shekharhimanshu627

IF getting the value from the input sheet.

For Each row in Datatable.

Remove the idx or wildcard and Css attributes from the above selector. include aaname pass the Row value in aaname attribute of the click activity.


I tried it by removing css class and idx but it not working properly.


I have already tried the same approach but accuracy is very low, i mean sometimes “Keyboard shortcuts” activity is not working.

keyboard activities are extremely fast foe mid-range systems and slow websites

You can try having a small delay before then, in the property panel, dor the DelayBefore property… just add some delay 500(half a second)

That should work


From what I can see, it appears that, from your selector, colName may be related to the Problem Coordinator box. If that appears true, I would click that to select it as an option, remove the default name that appears there (ie George Koldner in the pic) and input a dynamic variable {problemCoordinator} that can be used to pass each correct name you want.

Hi @shekharhimanshu627,

After type into give some delay before sending the hotkey to select the option. It should work.