MyArr assign activity giving errors


I am assigning a variable to split it then enter the variable into different cells in google sheets, however im getting an error when i assign MyArr which i haven’t encountered before not sure why.
Please see screenshot of the error

I have tried changing the variable type but that doesn’t make a difference.

Please excuse the errors on the gsuite application i am aware of them i haven’t filled in all the details of them hence the errors.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Test is of datatype Object. We cant see where the value is derived from or what is inside. Have a check if you can bring test to a string e.g. with properly setting datatype to string or toString method

@ppr Hi, sorry i don’t follow what do you mean by setting datatype to string or toString?


from where is test populated?
It is configured to datatype of Object, but the split method is related to strings

had you check if test.ToString.Split… was working?

@nick.v - pls try below
Test.ToString.Split("".ToArray, StringSplitOptions.None)