My uipath5.0 can run only with window10 hidden administrator account

i get net.pipe error when i press run button when i use my account with administrator right.

i did every solution that worked with other people but didn’t work with me.

i spend hours to reinstall but i saw a article about hidden built in administrator account.

i went cmd with admin right-> type below
net user Administrator /active :yes

→ and done with cmd

→ windowkey+R netplwiz

→ uncheck that “User must type~~~”

->restart computer or logout and login with Admin account named ‘Administrator’

with this admin right, uipath works without problem but all my icons and setting were gone.
since it is different account

so i had to [ net user Administrator /active :no ] and go back to my account to get my settings back.

For my opinion, this problem occured from that uipath community v5.0 is now a Window app,

my account doesnt have right to access(including writing) C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

but hidden admin account can access.

i hope to find a different way to solve this problem.

if you know any kind of information about this problem, plz help me.

Thank you.

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