My "UI Path" doesn't read excel at all

Hello everyone.

The value copied from excel is not the one set (ex. H22) but it is the one I copied for the last time.
So if the last cell I copy is H22 it is alright but in case I copy H20 for the last time it is H20 in the clipboard. I get the last copied value. Do not now why.

I use “read range” in “excel scope”. I also use Ditto (clipboard manager) so might it be a cause…?

I simply need to copy a password from excel and paste into a browser to login.


Read Cell, Copy Selected Text, Hot Key Ctrl+C I tried it all. I have done it as in the UI Path tutorial as well but its no good. It doesn’t read excel at all…

Any help?

I suspect Ditto would not work with UIPath, it sounds like it is using inbuilt clipboard functionality. So you would only ever get the last item you copied to the clipboard. I would just copy the cell that has the password into the clipboard and then use it

Do you really need to copy it? You can also store it in a variable and then write it to the browser. That way it’s much less prone to errors like you’re experiencing.

No, because I change the password every month and store it in excel file. I suspect it is a good idea to make UIPath change password but much more experience is needed;)

I meant that instead of using ‘Copy Selected Text’, you could also use ‘Read Text’ (or ‘Read Range’ and then select the cell you need) and store the text in an output variable. You can then proceed with a write activity to write the contents of the variable (the password you just retrieved) into the browser. :slight_smile:


Hmmm, will check it!

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I came across a new idea to click copy inside the excel file but i t seems like UIPath don’t distinguish a cell. It copy the first cell after the opening excel. I set for ex. A8 but it cannot find it.

Ok, i think I figured it out. Just use select range and click copy inside excel. It works.

Btw, can I implement something like a logic gate in UIPath…?

Got it:)
Thanks U helped me!

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