My screenshoot data does not appear anymore

Hi community !

I have moved my xaml file , and images don’t appear anymore.

I have copied and pasted the images to teh .screenshot folder.

For information, both xaml and screenshoot files are in the same folder.

How can I uploead or make an update to make images appear again?

Thank you



in order to appear image in the workflow you should use indicate that particular Uielement.
as you copied images from previous screenshot and pasted it into new screenshot that will run the workflow without error not getting images in the new workflow.


You don’t need images :slight_smile:, just the selectors will be enough. If you move the files, it will automatically shows the above screen

Yes I new that but it takes a lot of time since you need to do it one by one. Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

The same that I have just sent, I guess there is no option to update them all in one without reusing selectors

You need to reselect the fields to get the images @dalilasencha. But not sure the selectors will be same this time. so you can select the fields and replace them with the previous selectors

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Yes, this is what I am doing, reselecting images one by one.


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