My robots disappear

hi i’m new here, i loved the platform(orchestrator) but i have a really bad problem, when i don’t have do my loggin(ui robot), i can see my robots and use them but when i realize my loggin, i cant see my robot they simple disappear from the platform. the process are imputed in the same enviroment, my uirobot have the same key from orchestrator, i really dont know why this happen , i really need our help.

thanks for all.

I’m not sure what you are saying exactly, but in Orchestrator if you have filters on, they can disappear from your view.

Thanks for your reponse but i’m not applying filters, in orchestrator i can see the process and packages but when i will try schedulle , no one are showed to me.

In that case, verify that the Environment that you provisioned your Process to has the Robots listed. You can check this by clicking on “Environments” in my previous picture, then there is an Edit option for each Environment. Click on that and it will list all the Robots, so you will need to make sure that all the Robots you need in that Environment are checked.


My robot didn’t work yet, i will post all images for explain better.






thanks for help me.