My robot stops when I run it in a VPN and I minimize the window

Hello everybody.

In order to continue my work in my local computer while my robot is executing its tasks, I have configured a VPN (virtual private network). The problem is: when I minimize the VPN window to continue working in my local machine, the robot execution is stopped and it shows me the error message: “Timeout reached”. How can I solve this issue? Is the VPN a good idea to continue working while the robot is executing?

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Hi @da_7856 ,

You’ll rectify this by run through Orchestrator.

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Manoj Vijayakumar.

Thanks @manoj-vkumar .

My situation is I have an attended robot: I have to input some data in the first step of the execution, then the robot can continue by itself, but its necessary a human parameters before starting every execution. This way, I think Orchestrator does not solve my problem.


Your problem can be solved if you run it from orchestrator as orchestrator runs apps on different session however you need to put some data manually. I’m not sure how do you provide data to your bot. Let’s say you need to select a file or folder where you are keeping your input data. Rather than selecting input data manually you can keep that into one folder > now if you run the bot, it would check the input folder. if that input folder contains some data than it will continue with the process and at the end it will move your input data to another folder.

Hope it will help you, @da_7856