My Robot appears as "Disconnected"

Could you kindly help with the Robot appearing Disconnected issue?

Please share some more details. How looks your Orchestrator and Assistant configuration? What exactly happened?

*I made this topic public. Each topic can help other users with similar issues :slight_smile:

Thanks for your follow-up.

Is it possible for me to call you?

Unfortunately such support is available only for Enterprise License.
It looks like you have robot not connected properly. How looks your assistant settings for the robot?

I do understand and appreciate your help.

This type of connection is the default one which comes from Sign-In option. It probably went into issue as your Orchestrator robot has been made manually. Please remove robot on the Orchestrator and sign off from Assistant. And then Sign-In again. After this you should see in Orchestrator a newly created robot with name like “autogen\xxx”.


You need to go to Automations tab on upper bar and then look for any pending jobs and you can kill the task.

I am willing pay if you can remotely access my computer and fix my issues.

Not necessary :smiley:
I see it’s good now right? You have the right auto-generated robot and green status :slight_smile:

No, it is still not fixed.

I use Teamviewer and AnyDesk.
In case you can spare a few minutes to help me.

But from your screen the first position shows the green status with “available”. This means that Orchestrator see the robot properly. And you should be able to run attended automation.