My project won't open


I believe there is a simple answer to this but I can´t find it so I’m reaching out to the Community.

I had some trouble with OCR when reading a PDF even though it worked before. After some research I learned that I needed to update some of the packages I was using. Unfortunately, it wasn’t compatible to the version of Studio I am using, Studio 2022.10.3.

My problem now is that I can’t update Studio to the latest version because it says everywhere that it should update automatically, which it hasn’t. And I can’t find in settings or online how to do this. There is probably a very simple solution to this but I need help finding it haha!

This is how it looks when I try to open my project:



If the project is developed in higher version and opening in the lower version this you can expect


Yes I know, but as i wrote, my problem is that I can’t update it to the latest version :slight_smile: That’s what I need help with since it won’t update automatically


If you need to upgrade the studio manually…then you can download the latest version of msi package from
Orchestrator and use it to upgrade or reinstall the latest version

You can remove the old UiPath version and perform reinstallation

In orchestrator under downloads you would get the option to download the msi