My problem with the rpa challenge is that I can't get it to count. It's zero

I’m trying to get data from a website using regex. The process runs smoothly. But when I look at the log message and see if there is an error, the data that should be 999 appears as 0.
I can’t find the problem no matter what I do. I would be glad if you help. :slight_smile:

Hi @Mert_Samet_Sonmez

Please Share your code, Input data and Expected Output.

Loveleet Saini

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website: Automation Anywhere - PO Tracking Login
Main.xaml (22.8 KB)

thanks for help @loveleet_Saini

You Need to share the code in Zip file.
Just Xaml is giving Dependency error.

Sorry for my inexperience, I hope you can do it this time. (89.9 KB)

When I do this with the counting method, I see the data as zero, which I’m sure will cause an error when the process progresses. What do you think is the reason? Thanks!!


Now It seems to be Fine.

RpaChallengeDiffucult (2).zip (82.2 KB)

thanksss See you again, I hope everything is as you wish.

The main source of the problem was that the target was to do it. When I took it to EnGeNNel, it was fixed and the number 999 appeared immediately. Thank you, I just wanted to inform you, we can do it without a counter.

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