My Orchestrator is missing an activity - how to upload?

I have a project where someone has updated the UiPath.System.Activities to version 20.10.1, but my project is supposed to use 19.10.1.

Before you all say “just downgrade”, you should know that there has been added A LOT of functionality to the project, and doing so will give up 105 “missing activity” errors. The project runs fine om my Studio 20.10, but when I publish it to the ORCH 19.10 it won’t upload.

I think it’s because ORCH does not have the nugetpackage in this particular version.
I copied it to C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\NuGetPackages\ActivitiesSource and that wnet fine.
However, the package must somehow unpack and register itself in ORCH.

How can I do this? is there a command for this?

Best regards
/Klaus Ambrass

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I think you should Upgrade the Orchestrator.

105 Missing Activities are probably why it won’t upload

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Yes, it’s due in two weeks, but this project has an earlier deadline (of course).
I’m currently uploading the missing activity versions through Library upload in Orch.


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Well, finding and fixing (downgrading) the faulty Activities didn’t help much. My project compiles nicely but it cannt publish to the ORCH.

Regards /Klaus

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Hi @KlausA

Maybe not the most timely response, but given that you are an Enterprise customer, the right way to address urgent requests would be via our technical support:

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Hi @KlausA
Have you develop in community edition and try to upload it to any onprem production environment?