My object is changing during the workflow and is not being identified later down the line


With CV I’ve managed to select the Model. After performing an operation selecting model… model changes so to speak.

So later when I select model down the line… It is not able to identify it on the screen.

How can I resolve this?


the first time you use CV to click model, store output region in a variable e.g. modelElement

next time you click model, pass in modelElement variable to inputRegion, and dont indicate any element as its already using the modelElement variable as input

why is that? what happens when we do?

does this solve your issue?

I’ve found another way around…

But im interested in your solution… I’ll try it right now

because we are already passing in the inputRegion from previous cv click activity

getting this error

because your variable doesnt exist, right click output region, click create variable then type modelElement

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