My Move File activity which was working fine earlier seems to be broken now. Keeps asking for Resource type for both the source file (supposed to be the source file path + name), and the destination folder.

I checked the documentation as well ( Move File ( dont see anything different.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Hey @gaurav.zalpuri

Are you using some preview version of activities?


i did get an update message today when I opened Studio - not sure if this is linked to that.

This is what I have -
Studio 2022.10.2 - 10/21/2022
Update Channel: Stable
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

Hi @gaurav.zalpuri,

I also have 2022.10.2 (Community Edition), when I moved a file to another folder, it works.
I have been using 2 string variables.

Can you tell us what kind of variables you are using?


From is fileinfo (use toString)
Destination is string.

Hi @gaurav.zalpuri,

Fileinfo is also working with me, interface of move file looks also different at your screenshot

You could try to uninstall your system activities and reinstall, be sure to have your packages installed to the latest versions using Manage packages:

Another possible cause: Hardware and Software Requirements ( (Check the Important notes)

Kind regards,

Thanks! the package update fixed it - started seeing the full properties - seems there were new resource fields where my text was getting populated instead of the expected fields (file and dest path)


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